What's Ayuda

What's Ayuda

Have seen many players who have become J Leaguers and Japanese National team players, through working as a J League Club coach and scout. Also seen players who have made their debuts in their teens, and players recognized by playing overseas who later became J Leaguers. Chance and choice is not limited to one. We support players with a lot of choices from the perspective of J club as well as overseas clubs. We will utilize the experience we have obtained at the professional soccer club for over 10 years and will also provide support to the second career of the players.

We will maximize the value of the players by taking advantage of the career as "coach" "scout" and the network of "J Clubs" and "overseas agents".


Representative : Kazuyuki Akiya

Established career as "coach" and "scout" with two J League clubs, Kashiwa Reysol and Arbirex Niigata. Became an agent to take advantage of the experience as coach / scout and the network with J Clubs.
Established Ayuda in 2018. Officially registered agent with the JFA since April 1, 2018.

Basic company information

Company name
Kazuyuki Akiya
3-7-13-102,Machiya,Arakawaku,To-kyouto.Japan zip 116-0001
Established Date
October 3, 2018
JFA Registered agent

Business details

01.Coordination of overseas training
We will coordinate international tours according to the specific needs of each team.
02.The support for participation in international tournaments
We will use our networks in many countries to support the participation and provide local attendance of games according to your needs.
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