Ayuda's philosophy

Football is the world's most loved global sport. In the J League there are many players from many different nationalities and in the future this number will only grow.
After spending over ten years nurturing players at professional clubs the thing we have noticed is that you do not know when a player is going to make big improvements. We at Ayuda want to put an emphasis with each player and help them grow as people. We want our players not only to be conscious of options available in the J Clubs but also overseas and give them the support they need. We also want to use the knowledge we have learned from working at professional clubs for more than ten years to support our players in their post-retirement careers.

Management style

We will make an effort to understand the personality and characteristics as an athlete of each individual player contracted to us so that we can conduct public relations activities, event business, sponsor sales and management of image right to suit that player. In accordance with the wishes of my players, we will help them get expert advice from specialists on tax issues, and management of assets. We also support our players in their post-retirement careers.

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